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Pre-NCH Rehearsal: Arrive at school between 9:30-9:45. Rehearsal starts at 10am sharp. Finishes at 1:30pm.


  • Arrive at stage door of National Concert Hall at 9.30am, wearing top/t-shirt as listed below.

Soprano 1 - RED

Soprano 2- WHITE

Alto - GREEN

  • Top may be plain or with logos; any top or football jersey is fine, so long as it is predominantly the specified colour.

  • Stage numbers are on the Teachers Only page and should be clearly written on the child's wrist.

  • Please bring a small lunch and water. No lunches containing nuts, fish or kiwi due to some children's allergies.

  • Rehearsal ends at 1.30 and children may be collected by parents/guardians at the stage door. Parents/Teachers (unless stewarding) are not permitted backstage in the NCH.


Please wear school uniform without jumper/pullover for the concert. If school has no uniform, please wear a plain white shirt/t-shirt with sleeves and collar. Jeans/shorts may NOT be worn. Hair accessories should be discreet.


Children with anapens/inhalers should carry them with them at all times while in the NCH. The Red Cross will be on duty backstage during performances. Children should not bring lunches containing nuts, fish or kiwi to the NCH as some choir members have allergies.


Children should arrive for concert at stage door at 6.30pm and proceed directly to designated backstage area . Parents/Teachers are not permitted backstage at the NCH. Please do not bring coats, pullovers, food, drink or mobile phones as children will not be returning to backstage area after concert. Concert begins at 7.30pm.


At the end of the concert children will be escorted by stewards to designated meeting areas which will be announced from the stage.


Tickets will go sale from the NCH Box Office on Monday 15th May at 10am on (01) 417 0000 or  Schools have no part in the sale of tickets for the NCH. Closer to the concert, there will be a number tickets for sale at the box office on the evening of the Concert, even though concerts are marked as SOLD OUT on the NCH website. We have never had a situation where every seat was filled, so if you do not manage to secure a ticket, please come along on the night, we will do our best to make sure that you get to see your child.

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