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The choir is organised by a National Committee. This committee is responsible for: 

  • the development and application of NCC policies in line with the choir's constitution

  • the planning and organisation of summer courses for teachers interested in learning the repertoire

  • information regarding affiliation

  • the organisation of affiliated schools into local/regional groups

  • the organisation of the national concerts, including the overall management of rehearsal schedules in consultation with local organisers.


Role of Musical Directors

The role of the Musical Directors is to select and arrange the repertoire (subject to the approval of the National Committee

  • To prepare and record a teaching CD


  • To facilitate and direct training courses for teachers


  • To select and train Assistant Musical Directors


  • To conduct local and regional rehearsals in conjunction with local Assistant Musical Directors


  • To oversee the selection of children for the National Concert Hall


  • To conduct the Dublin and National Concert Hall performances 

An average of 8,000 children participate bi-annually. 

Membership of the National Children's Choir is open to pupils in 4th, 5th and 6th classes    
(P5, P6, P7 in Northern Ireland) of any primary school in Ireland. 

Schools are invited to affiliate at the beginning of the school year in which the concerts will be performed (e.g. September 2016 for the Concerts to be held in 2017). If you wish to be included on our affiliation mailing list p,kease email us at 

In the year preceding the concert,  the National Committee run a Summer course which qualifies for EPV days. During the course the participating teachers learn the repertoire for the year ahead. Emphasis is put on interpretation of the songs, thus ensuring a common experience for the children. It is strongly recommended that every teacher intending to teach the repertoire attends the Summer Course.

The repertoire (in vocal score format and on teaching CDs) is made available to schools through the National Organiser. Teachers teach the repertoire at school as part of the normal music programme. Local groups come together to rehearse 3  times during the year.

Local concerts in which all children who have learned the repertoire participate, are held March–May. A representative group from each participating school performs in a concert at the National Concert Hall in May/June

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